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Image To Text Converter is an online and free picture to word converter that allows you to extract text from images with a single click.

It helps you to convert Google images, scanned documents, pdf files, images, and screenshots into editable text.

Images To Text
Image Converter

AI Based image to text conversion

Our image to word converter is the best AI to convert image to text. It uses latest AI OCR models to accurately recognize text and its language within images.

AI enables our image to word converter to read the data in image and fetch the text into editable words. Once the text is extracted, you can edit, save and download to use as per your needs.

how to convert image to text?

Here are two simple steps to turn a picture into text:

Step 1

Upload or drag & drop image in the box.

Step 2

Click “Get Text” button and fetch text.

Images To Text

What are the best features of this tool?

  • Updated Custom OCR Models

We have updated and integerated latest AI trained OCR models for better accuracy to convert image to text online.

  • Multilingual OCR Tool

Our image to text translator extracts and translates text in all languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Swedish.

  • Text Extraction From All Image Formats

JPG to word

PNG to word

Gif To text

SVG to text

  • Scalable Text Extraction

Our photo to text converter can handle both small and large size of images up to 1oo mb without losing accuracy.

  • Batch Processing

It has ability to convert 50 images to text simultaneously, saving a lot of time.

  • Extracts Distorted & Diverse Fonts

It can recognize text in diverse fonts, including skewed and distorted text.

Why And Who Can Use This Converter?


Reason: Legal professionals deal with large volumes of printed contracts, agreements, and other legal documents. We convert these legal documents into an editable and searchable format, facilitating efficient review, editing, and archival.

Human Resources (HR)

Reason: HR manages with various forms, resumes, and employee records. Utilizing our image to text generator can automate the process of inputting this information into databases, saving time, reducing human error, and enabling more efficient talent management.

Marketing Teams

Reason: Marketing teams analyze customer feedback, surveys, and online comments that may be in various image formats. Using image to text online converter, they can convert these into text for further analysis.


Reason: Medical records, prescriptions, and diagnostic reports are mostly in handwritten or printed formats. Our image to text (ocr) helps digitize these documents, allowing for easier access, sharing among medical professionals, and integration into electronic health record systems.

Research and Development (R&D)

Reason: Scientists and researchers analyze data from graphs, charts, and published papers. Our image to text converter can pull out the relevant textual information, making it easier to aggregate and analyze the data for innovation and discovery.


Reason: Journalists work with various media, including photographs, press releases, and handwritten notes. Our ocr (image to text) helps them quickly convert these diverse formats into editable text, facilitating research, writing, and reporting processes.

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