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Online image to text converter is an online and free picture to word converter that allows you to extract text from images with a single click.

It helps you to convert Google images, scanned documents, pdf files, images, and screenshots into editable text.

Image To Text
Free image to text converter

Why our image to text is best?

Our image to word converter is the best AI to convert image to text. It uses latest AI OCR models to accurately recognize text and its language within images.

AI enables our image to word converter to read the data in image and fetch the text into editable words. Once the text is extracted, you can edit, save and download to use as per your needs.

How to convert image to text with

Here are two simple steps to extract text from a picture:

Step 1

Upload or drag & drop image in the box.

Step 2

Click “Get Text” button and fetch text.

Image To Text converter

What are the features of image to text converter?

AI image to Text

We have latest AI trained OCR models for better accuracy to convert image to text online.

Multilingual pictures to text

Our online image to text converter can extracts text in all major languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Swedish.

Supports multiple image formats

It supports all image formats including .jpg, .png, .gif, and .svg.

Batch Processing

It can convert 5 images to text at a time.

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